Thursday, November 27, 2014

Germany Pictures

Here are some pictures from our time spent in Germany:

On the Red-Eye to Frankfurt Germany

Posting This One Just So That Nobody Can Use it Against Me Later

The To-Go Coffee Cups on the Ship

The Lettering at the Top is in Futhark, the Viking Language
It Says "Coffee"
The Smaller Writing is a Quote from Johann Sebastian Bach
"How sweet coffee tastes! Lovelier
than a thousand kisses, sweeter
than Muscatel wine!"


These Locks Were on a Bridge by Our Ship

Our Ship - Viking Ship Kara

A German Mime (I Think - He Didn't Say Much)

A Tower that Broke in Half

Castle Grounds

Lunch in Heidelburg

I plan to add some more pictures over time, but this is a start for until I can get to it.