Saturday, January 31, 2015

32 Ways To Tell If You're Homeschooled

I just thought this would be a fun post to do because I've been thinking about it a bit lately and wanted to share. It will be much more entertaining if you read them in a very animated and sarcastic way to yourself because that's how I came up with them. :)

Disclaimer: This is not meant to offend anyone (public schoolers, private schoolers, homeschoolers or otherwise). It is just meant to be an enjoyable list to read. So...have fun with it!

  1. Most of your books for school were written at least hundreds of years ago if not thousands.
  2. Everyone you know knows just about every quote there is from the Hobbit, LOTR, or the Princess Bride.
  3. You don't care because you do too.
  4. You ask for clarification when someone asks what grade you're in.
  5. Having six siblings is not a big deal compared to some of your friends.
  6. Your project for history is to direct your siblings in a Shakespeare play.
  7. Every time you go to online class, your class starts a deep (and often theological) debate even though you're still not done with the last one.
  8. Being a mime is not weird at all.
  9. You know more about British actors than American because of Doctor Who.
  10. You feel sorry for those that can't sleep in on Wednesday.
  11. You speak a little of this language, a bit of that, and you're actually studying that one...
  12. You have a friend that you can speak those languages to (yeah, they're homeschooled too).
  13. You stall to see how much school work you can get out of when you have a soccer game in the afternoon.
  14. Someone takes you out to eat and you have to ask what restaurants exist because you honestly can not remember.
  15. All of your clothes come from Goodwill.
  16. But that's okay with you because the other option was hand-me-downs from your mom's friend's child that you may or may not have met.
  17. All of your skirts fall below your knee and all of your shorts go below your fingertips. Always.
  18. You regularly take a break from school to read a different book.
  19.  "Home Economics" is cooking dinner for your family of nine and babysitting your younger siblings while your mom goes to a co-op meeting.
  20. Youth Group is a place you go to learn about Creation, from your leader - and today's culture, from your friends that go to public school.
  21. Debating whether to go to the pool, the library, or the pond on a Friday afternoon is normal.
  22. You make sure you have your library card on you before you check for a debit card.
  23. "Phys Ed" is soccer practice.
  24. Of course you can accept that job in the middle of a Tuesday! You'll just do your school later!
  25. You don't go to the pool or theme parks on Saturdays or in the summer and feel sorry for those who do.
  26. You can work on one of the five novels you plan to publish next year in the middle of the afternoon.
  27. Your go-to explanation for what your "Omnibus curriculum" is always raises more questions.
  28. The weird looks you get climbing out of your maroon 12-passenger van no longer bother you.
  29. You look forward to your online class because you get to hear the voices of other children your age.
  30. When people ask "Doctor who?" you are shocked for a moment before going off into this lengthy and opinionated explanation about everything from which doctor is the best (David Tennant by the way ;) to which show was the creepiest (the dollhouse one).
  31. Your desk is in the same room as your two-year-old sister's desk.
  32. You laugh at yourself because you can identify with so many of these statements.
So there are the ways I can tell that I'm homeschooled. Are there any great ones that I've missed?  How do you tell that you're homeschooled (or reassure yourself that you're not :)?



  1. A lot of these sound like Blimey Cow:). Hey.... You could use that. If you have watched all FIVE "You Might be a Homeschooler If"s

  2. Amen to the dollhouse one being the creepiest! ;)