Friday, July 14, 2017

Happy Things

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post on appreciating the little things around you and my life has seemed so full of those things lately that I wanted to do a post compiling some of them. So, here is a list of  my happy things.

- coffee on the back porch
- finishing the first round of edits on a manuscript
- early morning runs
- ultimate frisbee in the rain
- finishing the Psalms in devotions

- spontaneous bakery trip
- walks in the Virginia July heat with my sister
- looking forward to a camping trip on the lake with the whole family

- getting to bed early
- fireflies
- talking on the porch swing with Grandma
- making sweet potato pie (more pie than sweet potato)

- my sister's hair dyed blue
- listening to the sermon at church
- audio books on long drives
- waking up on time
- being caught up on e-mail
- writing outside
- watering the garden
- cinnamon rolls for breakfast
- seeing siblings after a lot of travel
- happy dogs

- a new tank top for running in the heat
- reading books for pleasure
- training for a half marathon with Daddy
- purple and orange sunsets over fields
- pink and blue sunrises over mountains
- finding new blogs to read for encouragement
- being able to be impromptu

What are some of the things that give you a little joy?



  1. This post is beautiful! I love jotting down lists of little things that make me happy. It always works! :)

    My favorites today:
    -sunlight spilling warm and bright
    -summer breeze, mostly cool with a hints of humidity.


    1. There's nothing like being outside in the summer to see the blessings God has given. :)