Thursday, July 31, 2014

Who I Look Up To

When one lives life, one often has a way that one wants to live. And often, one knows or knows of people who are living this way or someway close to it.

So. I have been living life lately (triple alliteration there!) and there are some people I look up to, who are doing something that I want to emulate. I may not agree entirely with them on every aspect of life, or admire everything that they do, but for the most part, I really look up to these people.

I obviously look up to my father. He tries to make me laugh with (sadly funny) attempts at jokes. He helps with math when I'm convinced the book has it wrong. He talks about books with me. He inquires after my writing, then listens as I go on and on about the latest story I'm working on. And he prays for me. All these are only some of the things that make him a great dad and someone to look up to.

The title "Mutti" takes some explaining. Let's just go with this for now though: it means "mom" in German. Semi-interesting story as to why I call her that... Anyway. My mother is not your average mother. She loves kids (as in does nursery and toddler Sunday School all the time and has six kids, plus being involved in foster care and many other child-centered things. The list just keeps going.). She listens to my raving about who's doing what in a book I'm reading. She cooks for at least eight every. single. day. She often listens to our opinions on things. She remembers when we tell her something. And she teaches me just about everything she knows. Wow, right?

Rachel Coker
Oh my goodness, buy her books! Seriously! Coolest author ever, no doubt. I got to meet her at a homeschool convention a couple of years ago, but it would definitely be cooler to meet her now, after reading her books and stalking her blog for a while. Rachel Coker wrote her first novel when she was 14 and it was published when she was 15. Just from reading her blog you can tell that she is trying to live a godly life and use her skills and talents to glorify God. You can check out her blog here: Totally go read it.

A Friend
So, I have this friend who is much older than me (read "much older from a kid's perspective") and she is such a wonderful example. I had the chance to be in a discipleship group with her and be on a mime team that she was directing for two years (before you freak out and think I'm totally weird, it's actually an awesome ministry which I might talk about more in another post). Probably the only person that I've told more than her is Sara, my sister, and that might just be because we're not together 24/7. I really admire her and couldn't bear to lose touch with her. You should totally find someone that you can talk to and who will pray for you in your day to day struggles.

Those are a few of the people that I look up to, and I'd love to hear if there's anyone that you really hold as an example for how to live life. It's always good to have strong Christians to look up to in every day life.


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